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I’ve beel playing for half a year now and haven’t spent a penny. Yes, I’ve been zerod countless times, but I now have 4.5M power and just reasearched T3 troops. It’s not that difficult. All you need to do is allways have sometbing going. Allways have a building being upgrading, something being researched, and troops gathering resources. And if your city gets razed to the gronud, rebuild. If you keep on being hot by the same player, random teleport. 9 times out of 10 they won’t bother trying to find you again.
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Combat is relatively simple. Each turn consists of a missile phase, where ranged units launch their attacks, followed by a melee phase where the face-to-face fighting goes down. You don’t control any specific units and your role is strategic rather than tactical—you put your troops in a position to win and let them do their thing.
Sorry, 3rd slot in hospital is at lvl 6. Also, in upgrade screen when it says Concurrent healing slots” it refers to the total amount of slots you have available (i.e. Lvl 1 and 2 hospitals have 1 concurrent slot…) when you go to uograde it will have a green ‘+1′ when you are getting a second concurrent slot.
Minetest has been around since 2010 and is slowly being developed to include all of Minecraft’s features. It was created and is constantly developed by Best fiends gameplay celeron55 (so round of applause to him). The game also has large focus on modding, so there are plenty of mods to try to you can even submit your own.
Things get tougher as the night approaches when these fumbling zombies become predators all of a sudden. It’s around that time you’d wish you had found a good shelter. If you are still strolling around carelessly as night approaches, though, your character is not going to live to see the next Best fiends gameplay day. Hiding behind closed doors doesn’t help either as zombies with break through those without much hassle. I found it pretty difficult to survive though the whole night even when I had a fortified shelter with some weapons at my disposal. It’s certainly going to test your survival skills.